Our start-up business plans will help you to formulate a blueprint for your business idea. As a start-up, you should think of a business plan as more than just a means of obtaining funding. It is a very useful mechanism for understanding how your business works. It can be used to track your progress, and carry out checks and balances on the direction you want the business to grow.


The majority of limited companies in England, Wales and Scotland are incorporated under the legal status of Private Limited by shares. Incorporations with Companies House are created under the jurisdiction of England & Wales or Scotland. The business structure of a limited company forms a separate legal entity, distinct from its owners (shareholders).

The key advantage of operating as a limited company is limited liability for the owners. Owners' liability for any unpaid debts of the company is limited, so they only stand to lose their investment in shares. The company as a separate legal entity remains fully liable for its debts.

A key disadvantage of operating as a limited company is that companies are heavily regulated. There are a number of accounting regulations involved with running a limited company, and the statutory requirements of the Companies Act 2006 apply, as do accounting standards. Caerphilly Accounting are qualified to provide your limited company, after formation, with that support.


To give small businesses the best start on their journey, it's important they are just as visible online as they are offline. Have our specialist Web Design Partners jump-start your online presence with our basic business start-up web design packages. The websites are fully responsive so that users can find you on both mobile and desktop, and will be indexed by Google to give your business the best chance of being found online.


Unless you have a website, the first element of your brand that people will experience, apart from customer service, is your business cards. As the first glimpse of the brand that represents this new business, it is just as important as the first words you speak. Make sure your branding and stationery are just as professional as you, and in time these will work for you in helping that client remember you.